More knowledge, more safety

Last year, the Cyprus Fire Service responded to approximately 100 calls for fire, caused by short-circuits.

Electricity Authority of Cyprus

  • Buy good qualilty electrical appliances, which comply with recognized international standards. Always maintain your appliances in good condition.
  • If you suspect that one of your appliances does not function properly, interrupt the electricity supply before you start investigating what has happened. If you discover that something is wrong with the appliance, call a qualified electrician. Do not try to repair it on your own.
  • Always use the shortest wires possible, not only for economy reasons, but also for security.
  • Worn wires are dangerous. Check frequently the wires that supply your appliances and replace immediately those which are worn.
  • Never pass wires through openings or underneath doors, carpets or furniture.
  • Never touch damaged or worn wires.
  • Make sure that the worn wires are immediately replaced by a qualified electrician.
  • Avoid using multi-socket electrical extensions.
  • Never touch sockets, fuses and switches with wet hands.
  • The installment of sockets in the bathroon is not allowed! Never use portable electrical appliances in the bathroom, using a socket in another room.
  • If you have children at home use the special safety caps in order to cover sockets.
  • Improvising in the installment of permanent external lightning is very dangerous. Any installment must be made by a qualified electrical contractor.

Electricity is one of the safest sources of energy. Accidents that involve electricty are rare and can easily avoided with a little bit of attention, common sense and with strict application of the above simple safety rules brought to you by the Electricity Authority of Cyprus and the Cyprus Fire Service.